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Custom home builder Houston

Building Modern Lifestyles

Developer and Builder of Architecturally Driven High Performance Modern Luxury Homes

Our Approach

High Performance Luxury Homes

Discover a new standard of luxury living with our innovative high-performance homes. Our unique approach to luxury home building prioritizes building science, incorporating the latest advancements in construction technology to create superior living environments that are energy-efficient, sustainable, and designed for maximum comfort and health while minimizing their operational impact on the environment. Explore our revolutionary new approach to building innovative luxury homes.

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Our Style

Distinctively Modern

Modern Edge delivers unparalleled modern luxury style and function. Neutral colors, horizontal planes, open floor plans, unique materials and a clean aesthetic come together to produce a sophisticated and comfortable living experience. Our team of experienced professionals continuously strive to achieve the perfect balance between contemporary design elements and practical lifestyle solutions, creating an atmosphere that is truly distinctively modern.

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Our Process

Builder-Led Design Build

Our innovative builder-led design build process allows Modern Edge to seamlessly manage budget planning, design team selection, project design, project bidding, construction management and project delivery under a single contract. This streamlined process facilitates effective communication between the client, designers, and construction team ensuring a seamless transition from design to construction.One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion.

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Our Experience

Modern Design

Modern Design and Human Experience

When it comes to the relationship between architectural design and the human experience, it is important to understand that the two elements are not just connected, but that the connection can be bidirectional. In other words, the way we experience spaces can directly shape how we interpret a successful custom home design, and vice versa.

Environments for Wellbeing

It is often said that the home is a reflection of the self. And while that may be true to some extent, the reality is that our homes also have a profound impact on our psychological and physiological wellbeing. From the moment we step through the front door, we are subconsciously taking in hundreds of tiny details that all contribute to our overall feeling of comfort or discomfort.

Quality of Life

At Modern Edge, we take great pride in striving to make the human experience better through design and construction. We approach each project thoughtfully, working towards efficient solutions to everyday living. By pushing boundaries with modern strategies and methods, our goal is to help improve the quality of life for our clients.

Proud Members

As proud members of both GHBA and TAB, our business endeavor involves actively engaging with local and regional professionals in the construction industry.

Greater Houston Builders Association
Texas Association of Builders